Cheap International Calls from 7Seas Connect

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Call Afghanistan Afghanistan 19.9¢ Call Algeria Algeria 6.9¢ Call Argentina Argentina 1.9¢
Call Bahrain Bahrain 5.9¢ Call Bangladesh Bangladesh 4.9¢ Call Canada Canada 1.9¢
Call China China 1.9¢ Call Egypt Egypt 9.9¢ Call France France 1.9¢
Call India India 2.9¢ Call Iraq Iraq 13.9¢ Call Iran Iran 6.9¢
Call Japan Japan 2.9¢ Call Jordan Jordan 9.9¢ Call KSA KSA 9.9¢
Call Kuwait Kuwait 6.9¢ Call Lebanon Lebanon 9.9¢ Call Malaysia Malaysia 1.9¢
Call Mauritania Mauritania 39.9¢ Call Morocco Morocco 2.9¢ Call Oman Oman 11.9¢
Call Pakistan Pakistan 12.9¢ Call Peru Peru 1.9¢ Call Qatar Qatar 16.9¢
Call Russia Russia 3.9¢ Call Sudan Sudan 15.9¢ Call Syria Syria 10.9¢
Call Tunisia Tunisia 37.9¢ Call Turkey Turkey 3.9¢ Call UAE UAE 16.9¢
Call UK UK 1.9¢ Call USA USA 1.9¢ Call Yemen Yemen 15.9¢

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How does our service work?

Register the phone number you are calling from under your 7seas account and follow these 2 steps:

1. Dial our Access number: Simply dial our Access number and we will prompt you to enter your destination.
2. Dial your destination: Enter the number you wish to call followed by the (#) key and we will connect your call.
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[World Map rates are based on 7Seas Promotion Plan]