We offer a variety of features and online services to ensure customer satisfaction. Scroll down or click on a section below to view its content.

Online Account Management

Gain complete control of your 7Seas Connect account through our Online Account Management services. You'll enjoy access to view or change you account settings, including contact information, billing information, login credentials, Caller ID, Speed Dials, e-mail notifications, and more.

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Connect Anywhere Anytime

Enjoy access to your 7Seas Connect account from anywhere at anytime. All you need is an internet connection to enjoy the many services we offer.

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Low Cost Rate Plans

We offer a variety of rate plans designed to meet our customers needs. No matter which rate plan you choose, you will enjoy our low cost rates and highest levels of quality, reliability and stability.

No hidden fees. No connection fees. No monthly fees. No taxes. What you see is what you pay.

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PIN-less Dialing

Tired of entering your PIN number every time you make a long distance call? With 7Seas Connect PIN-less dialing, the hassle is over. Now you can enjoy making long distance calls without having to dial a PIN. Just register your phone number on your 7Seas Account, and you are good to go

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Multi Prompt Language

7Seas Connect is always on the look to ensure that your dialing experience with us is hassle-free. With our multi prompt language feature, you can now hear our prompt in any of the many languages we offer. Whether you are using our direct access or Callback method, you will enjoy this feature. We are always looking to add more languages as we go, so if you don’t see your preferred language in the selection, we encourage you to send us an email info@7seasconnect.com with your preferred language addition and we will be happy to consider adding it.

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Account Sharing

Want to share your account with friends and family? No problem, with our account sharing features; you now have the ability to share your account with friends and family by simply registering their Caller IDs in your account. (Maximum registered Caller IDs may apply)

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Tag on Call

Want to make another call without redialing the access number? With 7Seas Connect tag on call, you simply press the * key on your phone keypad and you will be prompted to either press 1 to redial the same number automatically or press 2 to dial a new number.

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Speed Dialing

With lots on your mind, we do everything we can to ensure that your dialing experience with us is hassle-free. With the 7Seas Connect Speed Dial feature, you no longer need to remember or dial phone numbers, your speed dial number is all you need.

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E-mail Notifications

Stay up-to-date with events, news, promotions, rate changes, and more with 7Seas Connect E-mail Notifications. We make it easy for you to do so with our easy to manage Email Notification. It’s up to you to subscribe to all or select notifications based on your needs.

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Auto Recharge

We understand your time is valuable to you. With our Auto Recharge feature, you can have your 7Seas Connect account automatically recharged whenever your balance reaches a minimum amount at no extra cost. Set your own recharge amount and balance threshold and we will handle the rest. (Minimum recharge amounts may apply)

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Online Balance Transfer

On the run and can’t get to your account to recharge it? No problem. With our balance transfer feature, you can now easily get credit transferred to your account balance from a relative or friend’s account. Just have your account number handy and ask them to transfer the amount you desire. (Minimum transfer amounts may apply)

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Online Call History

Enjoy access to your 7Seas Connect call history online through our website anywhere at anytime. No more monthly statements or paperwork. You can view the date & time, minute usage, called number, cost, and more.

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Online Payment History

Enjoy access to your 7Seas Connect payment history online through our website anywhere at anytime. No more monthly statements or paperwork. You can view credit card transactions, balance transfers, credit adjustments, and more.

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Callback Service

Unable to reach our access numbers to place your calls? No problem. Simply request a call back from wherever you are, we will call and prompt you to enter your destination number. This 24-hour feature is great for international customers and/or customers traveling abroad and need to use their low cost 7Seas Connect rates to call other countries. Our state-of-art Callback feature is designed to meet our customers needs anywhere at anytime. We offer different types of Callback features including:

ANI Callback: Dial one of our free of charge ANI Callback numbers wherever you are.

Web Callback: Schedule as many Callback calls as you wish online.

SMS Callback: Send an SMS to one of our SMS Callback numbers wherever you are.

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Referral Program

Interested in adding extra credit to your account balance? With 7Seas Connect Referral program, the sky is the limit in doing so. The more you refer, the higher your balance becomes. Just ask whoever you refer to enter your account number in the referral section during their signup. (Maximum referrals may apply)

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Reward Program

Simply put, the more you call with us the higher your reward points become. Every time you recharge your account, a reward point gets added to your account. You can manage your reward points the way you like, either redeem, transfer, or simply enjoy watching them grow.

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Online Support Center

Our goal at 7Seas Connect is to serve our customers in the best and most efficient way possible. Our support representatives are prepared to provide you with answers to your questions and/or comments. Simply submit your inquiry/comment by completing the online form located in our Support Center, and you'll be assigned an Incident ID for tracking purposes. We also welcome your feedback about our services, so feel free to let us know about your sailing experience.

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