Our Motto says it all "Quality, honesty and exceptional customer service"

Why us?:

Exceptional Customer Service: With us, you get a VIP treatment. Our experienced staff are available 24/7 to serve you. You will always talk to a live person during our normal business hours and our Online Support Center is always available for you 24/7 especially for after hours inquire.

Rewards: With us, you’re always rewarded, our Reward Points program gives you 5% credit back for every dollar you spend, our Referral program gives instant $10 credit for every person referred and our constant offers let you talk more and pay less.

Try it for FREE: With us, we are positive you will enjoy our service, that’s why we invite you to try it for free on the house, No signup or registration required! Simply ask for your free trial by clicking here

No commitment: With us, you are not required to sign a contract or maintain a balance; furthermore, your balance never expires.

Hassle Free: With us, there is no need to switch or contact your phone service provider. You have the freedom to use our service from any phone you desire at anytime.

Premium Quality: With us, you get a VIP treatment. We only offer premium voice routes, so rest assured your calls are delivered First-Class to your destinations. No choppy voice. No echo. No delays. No cutoff.

Low Cost Rate Plans: With us, you will enjoy our low cost rates and highest levels of quality, reliability and stability.

No Fess & No Taxes: With us, there are No hidden fees. No connection fees. No monthly fees. No taxes. What you see is what you pay.

Caller Line ID: With us, your phone number is guaranteed to be delivered so that your loved ones are able to see who is calling them.

PIN-less Dialing: With us, you will enjoy making your international calls without having to dial a PIN.

Speed Dialing: With us, you no longer need to remember or dial phone numbers, your speed dial number is all you need.

Multi Prompt Language: With us, you will be able to hear our prompts in any of the many languages we offer.

Easy and convenient: with us, it takes seconds to make your low cost international calls, and you can use it at anytime and anywhere 24/7.

Account Management: With us, You'll be able to manage your account online the way you like, anything from billing information, login credentials, Caller IDs, Speed Dials, e-mail notifications as well as the ability to view all your call records, payments history and much more.

Account Sharing: With us, you can share your account with friends and family at no extra cost.

Auto Recharge: With us, you will never run out of credit again. You now have the option to have your account recharged automatically whenever your balance reaches a minimum amount at no extra cost.

Control spending: With us, you are now in charge of your spending. Your spending is controlled by the prepaid amount in your account.

All in One: With us, your account gives you access to all our services, including iConnectMe and iCallMe